Penetrating Oil Episode 2

This test demonstrates that not all penetrating oils are equal. The bolt test shows which ones penetrate and which ones don’t. Which penetrating Fluid is best? In this showdown, Brake Fluid, Seafoam Deep Creep, Fluid Film, BG In-Force, WD-40 Rust Specialist, CRC Knock’er Loose. Could break fluid possibly work better than penetrating fluid when loosening …

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Drain Openers

Which of these 7 Drain Openers is the Best? Clogged drains happen at the worst possible times. So, which type of drain opener works best to unclog drains quickly? Will these products cause damage to plumbing? Drano, Liquid Plumr, Lye, Sulfuric Acid (Clobber), Roebic (enzymes/bacteria), Muriatic Acid, and Drain Sticks are put to the test …

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